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We are pleased to introduce you G.D. Elettronica Srl, a new company that produces electronic score-boards for sporting competitions.

Display of score-boards are made completely by led's. The positive qualitative development of this component and the continue experimentation matured in more than 15 years of activity together with “RM di Rossi G. & C. Snc”'s company , has allowed us to get a highly reliable product and our electronic score-boards are today between the best of the market for Italy, Europe and for the world.

By choosing our score-boards yuo are assuring yourselves of an high-grade product, competitive prices and an excellent technical assistance service.

It is with no uncertain pride that we inform you that many long-standing customers continue to keep up their loyalty with us, for wich we are truly grateful.

We work to satisfy as best we can your requirements and desires and we hope that your company will gives us the chance to prove it.

Hoping that you are interested and looking forward to being able to establish relations which will undoubtedly prove to be proficuos for both parties, I take this opportunity to send you our best regards

G.D. Elettronica